Configurations for Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (GNA) with OpenVINO™


On platforms where Intel® GNA is not enabled in the BIOS, the driver cannot be installed, so the GNA plugin uses the software emulation mode only.

Drivers and Dependencies

Intel® GNA hardware requires a driver to be installed on the system.



Ensure that make, gcc, and Linux kernel headers are installed.

Configuration steps

  1. Download Intel® GNA driver for Ubuntu Linux 18.04.3 LTS (with HWE Kernel version 5.4+)

  2. Run the script provided in the installation package:

    prompt$ ./scripts/

You can also build and install the driver manually by using the following commands:

prompt$ cd src/
prompt$ make
prompt$ sudo insmod intel_gna.ko

To unload the driver:

prompt$ sudo rmmod intel_gna


Intel® GNA driver for Windows is available through Windows Update.