Versioned name : GRN-1

Category : Normalization

Short description : GRN is the Global Response Normalization with L2 norm (across channels only).

Detailed description :

GRN computes the L2 norm by channels for input tensor with shape [N, C, ...]. GRN does the following with the input tensor:

output[i0, i1, ..., iN] = x[i0, i1, ..., iN] / sqrt(sum[j = 0..C-1](x[i0, j, ..., iN]**2) + bias)

Attributes :

  • bias

    • Description : bias is added to the variance.

    • Range of values : a non-negative floating point value

    • Type : float

    • Default value : None

    • Required : yes


  • 1 : Input tensor with element of any floating point type and 2 <= rank <=4. Required.


  • 1 : Output tensor of the same type and shape as the input tensor.


<layer id="5" name="normalization" type="GRN">
    <data bias="1e-4"/>
        <port id="0">
        <port id="0" precision="f32">