Install Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit for Linux* Using YUM Repository

This guide provides installation steps for the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit for Linux* distributed through the YUM repository.


By downloading and using this container and the included software, you agree to the terms and conditions of the software license agreements. Please, review the content inside the <openvino_install_root>/licensing folder for more details.


Intel® Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL™ is not a part of OpenVINO™ YUM distribution. You can install it from the Intel® Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL™ GitHub repo.


Only runtime packages are available via the YUM repository.

System Requirements

The complete list of supported hardware is available in the Release Notes.

Operating Systems

  • CentOS 7.6, 64-bit

Included with Runtime Package

The following components are installed with the OpenVINO runtime package:



Inference Engine

The engine that runs a deep learning model. It includes a set of libraries for an easy inference integration into your applications.


OpenCV* community version compiled for Intel® hardware.

Deep Learning Stream (DL Streamer)

Streaming analytics framework, based on GStreamer, for constructing graphs of media analytics components. For the DL Streamer documentation, see DL Streamer Samples , API Reference , Elements , Tutorial .

Install Packages

Set up the Repository


You must be logged in as root to set up and install the repository.

Configure YUM with the OpenVINO repository to install OpenVINO. You have two options for this, using the yum-config-manager or manually by creating a text file and pointing YUM to the file.

  • OPTION 1: Import the .repo file using the yum-config-manager :

    1. yum-utils must be installed on your system. If it’s not currently installed, run the command:

      sudo yum install yum-utils
    2. Add repository using the yum-config-manager :

      sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo
    3. Import the gpg public key for the repository:

      sudo rpm --import
  • OPTION 2: Create the repository file manually:

    1. Create the YUM repo file in the /tmp directory as a normal user:

      tee > /tmp/openvino-2021.repo << EOF
      name=Intel(R) Distribution of OpenVINO 2021
    2. Move the newly created openvino-2021.repo file to the YUM configuration directory /etc/yum.repos.d:

      sudo mv /tmp/openvino-2021.repo /etc/yum.repos.d
    3. Import the gpg public key for the repository:

      sudo rpm --import

Verify that the new repo is properly setup

Run the following command:

yum repolist | grep -i openvino


intel-openvino-2021 Intel(R) Distribution of OpenVINO 2021

To list available OpenVINO packages

Use the following command:

yum list intel-openvino*

Install Runtime Packages Using the YUM Package Manager

Intel® OpenVINO will be installed in: /opt/intel/openvino_<VERSION>.<UPDATE>.<BUILD_NUM>

A symlink will be created: /opt/intel/openvino_<VERSION>

To install the latest version

To install the full runtime version of the OpenVINO package:

sudo yum install intel-openvino-runtime-centos7

To install a specific version

To install the full runtime version of the OpenVINO package:

sudo yum install intel-openvino-runtime-centos7-<VERSION>.<UPDATE>.<BUILD_NUM>


sudo yum install intel-openvino-runtime-centos7-2021.3.394

To check for installed packages and version

To check a specific version of an OpenVINO package:

yum list installed intel-openvino*

To Uninstall a specific version

To uninstall a specific full runtime package:

sudo yum autoremove intel-openvino-runtime-centos<OS_VERSION>-<VERSION>.<UPDATE>.<BUILD_NUM>

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