Quick Start with OpenVINO™ Toolkit via Deep Learning Workbench

The OpenVINO™ toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit for optimizing pretrained deep learning models to achieve high performance and prepare them for deployment on Intel® platforms. Deep Learning Workbench (DL Workbench) is the OpenVINO™ toolkit UI designed to make the production of pretrained deep learning models significantly easier.

Start working with the OpenVINO™ toolkit right from your browser: import a model, analyze its performance and accuracy, visualize the outputs, optimize and prepare the model for deployment in a matter of minutes. DL Workbench will take you through the full OpenVINO™ workflow, providing the opportunity to learn about various toolkit components.


User Goals

  • Learn what neural networks are, how they work, and how to examine their architectures with more than 200 deep learning models.

  • Measure and interpret model performance right after the import​.

  • Tune the model for enhanced performance.

  • Analyze the quality of your model and visualize output.

  • Use preconfigured JupyterLab* environment to learn OpenVINO™ workflow.

Run DL Workbench

You can run DL Workbench on your local system or in the Intel® DevCloud for the Edge. Ensure that you have met the prerequisites.

Run DL Workbench on your local system by using the installation form. Select your options and run the commands on the local machine:

Once DL Workbench is set up, open the link.


Watch the video to learn more detailed information on how to run DL Workbench:

Inference Engine Concept. Duration: 3:43

Inference Engine Concept. Duration: 3:43

Congratulations, you have installed DL Workbench. Your next step is to Get Started with DL Workbench and create your first project.