class ngraph::IndirectScalarValueAccessor


#include <attribute_adapter.hpp>

template <typename AT, typename VAT>
class IndirectScalarValueAccessor: public ngraph::ValueAccessor
    // construction

    IndirectScalarValueAccessor(AT& ref);

    // methods

    virtual const VAT& get();
    virtual void set(const VAT& value);

// direct descendants

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<float>;

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<int16_t>;

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<int32_t>;

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<int8_t>;

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<uint16_t>;

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<uint32_t>;

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<uint64_t>;

template <>
class AttributeAdapter<uint8_t>;

Inherited Members

    // methods

    virtual const VAT& get() = 0;
    virtual void set(const VAT& value) = 0;

Detailed Documentation


virtual const VAT& get()

Returns the value.

virtual void set(const VAT& value)

Sets the value.