Versioned name: PReLU-1

Category: Activation function

Short description: PReLU performs element-wise parametric ReLU operation with negative slope defined by the second input.

Attributes: operation has no attributes.


  • 1: X - Input tensor of any supported floating point type T1. Required.
  • 2: slope - Tensor with negative slope values of type T2. The shape of the tensor should be broadcastable to input 1. Required.


  • 1: The result of element-wise PReLU operation applied for tensor from input 1 with slope values from input 2. A tensor of type T1 and shape matching shape of input x tensor.


  • T1: arbitrary supported floating point type.
  • T2: arbitrary supported floating point type.

Detailed description Before performing addition operation, input tensor 2 with slope values is broadcasted to input 1. The broadcasting rules are aligned with ONNX Broadcasting. Description is available in ONNX docs.

After broadcasting PReLU does the following for each input 1 element x:

f(x) = slope * x for x < 0; x for x >= 0