Convert ONNX* DLRM to the Intermediate Representation

These instructions are applicable only to the DLRM converted to the ONNX* file format from the facebookresearch/dlrm model.

Step 1. Save trained Pytorch* model to ONNX* format. If you training model using script provided in model repository just add --save-onnx flag to the command line parameters and you'll get dlrm_s_pytorch.onnx file containing model serialized in ONNX* format.

Step 2. To generate the Intermediate Representation (IR) of the model, change your current working directory to the Model Optimizer installation directory and run the Model Optimizer with the following parameters:

python3 ./ --input_model dlrm_s_pytorch.onnx

Note that Pytorch model uses operation torch.nn.EmbeddingBag. This operation converts to onnx as custom ATen layer and not directly supported by OpenVINO*, but it is possible to convert this operation to: